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We are a communication agency formed by journalists with substantial experience in the sector. We have a team of highly qualified journalists and designers specialized in different sectors, like the economy, sports, construction, culture and tourism. We offer integral communication services, totally adapted to the necessities of each business, with a proactive attitude when it comes to suggesting topics, events or strategies.

Agua y Sal Comunicación offers an integrated form of all communication services: media relations, community management, and editorial design in a way that structures its work as a whole, which is fed back allowing greater and deeper knowledge of the client and their needs, as well as the improvement and definition of the actions to be committed. It is a job that is carried out entirely by a team with a permanent and transversal relationship with their clients.


Communication forms an essential part of the corporate strategy in any business. These days it is difficult to think about developing a business initiative without seriously planning its communicative aspects given the influence of communication in society. The knowledge of business content has become a necessity for both the business and for the public. This has led to the increase in external communicative activity. In order to be successful in a competitive situation in this field, one must be familiar with social media: what they’re like, what tools of action they have and what advantages and disadvantages can be caused by its use. Therefore it is fundamental that a press department be in charge of its management.

Knowing the specificity of the economic and business sector and its needs, the press department becomes the fundamental piece for the development of communication policies mentioned earlier. It is a first step, but also the principal step in order to achieve the objectives of both institutional and social recognition as well as the acquisition of new clients and the perception of society.

Metodología de trabajo en comunicación


1. Be in constant contact with the business.
2. Suggest and coordinate communication actions.
3. Supervise the whole strategy as well as any communicative action, be it an image, an unveiling, a document or a webpage.
4. Transform in the news any acts and information of the business
5. Maintain continuous communication with the media
6. Segment and select just so they can offer adapted news to each of them according to their target publics (economic, social, labor, etc.)
7. Perform consulting and training functions to establish a communicative culture for the business

Diseño Editorial


Agua y Sal Comunicación is a specialized business in editorial design, especially, in the performance in corporate magazines including in its works all of the necessary processes: content writing, editing, imaging, design, layout and printing. With an attractive aesthetic, thoroughness and readability, with a timeless format, the corporate magazine is converted into a fundamental tool integrated throughout the communicative project managed by Agua y Sal Comunicación, which guarantees the in depth knowledge of news, its relevance and specific treatment
The magazine also allows a very visible presence in society, durable and permanent and a bond of union with customers and prescribers.
Diseño Editorial


Before beginning a communication strategy on social networks we must understand the situation of the business within the market. To do this we must analyze the strategic objectives of the company, which are its current and potential clients, the resources they already have and the positioning of the brand. After analyzing it, the objectives and strategy will be established. A function of that strategy we will use various tools to help the positioning of the business online.

SMM (Social Media Marketing)
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
Web analytics
Online Reputation

Diseño web


We offer:
A corporate website in which you can manage all of your content. Totally customized designs, adapted to the corporate image of your company. Websites adapted to mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), prepared for sharing content on social networks and constructed to best position it in the results on Google and other search engines. An online store completely customized, from which you can sell your products, offer various forms of payment, manage a catalogue of items, prices, stock, customers…
Custom web applications. We can develop any management program for your business. But you will not have to be in the office to work with the program. The program is housed on a web server and can be accessed from any location with access to the Internet.



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